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Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Cincinnati

A pre-marital agreement or a “prenup” agreement is an important instrument for the protection of assets. Our team of lawyers can help build a fair agreement that gives both parties a sense of being positive and protected about their future. We can help you: when you enter into a marriage, you and your spouse have the best intentions. Unfortunately, you cannot predict what the future will bring us, whether it is separation, the burden of marriage or even death. However, they can anticipate certain contingencies in advance through a properly developed legal document. Most people think that a marriage deal is a plan to safeguard divorce, but they can also help get marriages. What can a marital agreement not make in questionable agreements? A pre-marriage agreement cannot provide for how child support or parental rights and obligations are treated. The terms of the agreement should not promote divorce or the lure of gain through divorce. What is a valid marriage agreement? If a marital agreement is to be enforceable, both parties must have the opportunity to consult counsel and it is preferable that both parties be fully represented by counsel. The parties cannot be represented by the same lawyer. A lawyer can only represent one party at a time.

The agreement must be written and signed freely by both parties. There must be no coercion, fraud or coercion. Each party must disclose all of its assets and recognize that it fully understands the nature and extent of its potential spouse`s property, including its value. The exhibits are attached to the marriage agreement, which lists the separate ownership of each party. Sometimes these topics are difficult to talk to with a future spouse because some people do not like to reveal their monetary value. They must trust the person they want to marry and believe that that person will not discuss very personal matters. This is an area where the involvement of an experienced family lawyer can help. Please call Slater and Zurz today at 1-888-534-4850 and request an appointment with a lawyer who can help you close a marriage if you decide that you and your partner have prepared it. It is extremely important to have an experienced lawyer who develops or reviews a marital agreement, as they remain in effect until death or divorce. For some people, the idea of discussing the possible end of a marriage before it even begins may seem negative, cumbersome and even uncomfortable. The purpose of a marital agreement is much broader than that, however, and the benefits outweigh all the complaints the couple may experience during the first trial. In fact, a prenup can allow you and your future spouse to start cleanly and make sure you both know about everything you put into a marriage.

If you are getting married or registering, note that the days of sleeping succession planning are over. Balancing your love and affection for your new spouse and the perceived birthright of your children or other family members on your estate can be difficult. The best way to tackle difficult issues and keep your family intact is to talk ahead about our plans and take steps to protect your estate planning goals by working with an estate planning lawyer who has worked with many families to help you evaluate all the thoughts and make the necessary arrangements. Contact David H. Lefton, a lawyer, to check your situation and goals carefully. There are a number of financial and legal issues to consider before entering into a marriage pact.

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