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General Security Of Military Information Agreement (Gsomia)

The security pact, known as the GSOMIA (General Security of Military Information Agreement), allowed the two countries to share information directly on North Korea`s military and nuclear activities. Meanwhile, U.S. officials have repeatedly warned that the abolition of GSOMIA would weaken the trilateral military alliance and benefit only China and North Korea. Defence cooperation between the United States, Japan and the Republic of Korea serves as a deterrent against opposition aggression and threats to external security, as well as new and non-traditional challenges; SEOUL, November 22 (Xinhua) — South Korea`s Presidential and Blue Chamber said Friday that it has decided to suspend plans to end the military intelligence exchange pact with Japan, the General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA). Not only is a long-awaited visit by President Trump to his top supporters in Northeast Asia, but it would also be the main diplomatic trip of his first term. Its agenda is the key to successfully establishing the security situation in the Asia-Pacific region. President Trump is expected to highlight how trilateral cooperation will resolve a number of diplomatic challenges vis-à-vis North Korea. In August, South Korea announced that it would denounce the information exchange agreement and Japan lifted South Korea`s preferred trading partner status and imposed export controls on its electronics sector. GSOMIA has allowed Tokyo and Seoul to share sensitive military secrets, including those relating to Pyongyang`s ballistic missiles and nuclear development programs.

The suspension of GSOMIA directly harms U.S. national security as the government of the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea ramps up provocations, including 12 tests of more than 20 ballistic missiles this year, including new types of nuclear ballistic missiles. Washington urged Seoul to renew the pact, widely seen as a symbol of military cooperation between South Korea, Japan and the United States against North Korea. (6) is committed to strengthening and deepening diplomatic, economic, security and interpersonal relations between the United States, Japan and the Republic of Korea. As for export controls, which are a sensitive issue between the two countries, an editorial in the South Korean newspaper The Hankyoreh said: “It was Japan that imposed export controls on South Korea because Korea is not a country that can be trusted for security reasons. It makes no sense to get critical security information from such a country.

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